In 1904, Fred Wehrenberg explored the St. Louis World's Fair and saw something that changed his life. The one-time blacksmith who ran a saloon/grocery/butcher shop saw a simple film clip of passengers riding a train while scenery rushed by in the background. The film inspired Fred to rent the former bakery next to his saloon, buy a piano and 99 kitchen chairs and launch the Cherokee Theatre in 1906. As silent movies flickered on the screen, Fred's nephew drummed in the background while his wife, Gertrude, played piano in the pit. Over the years, Wehrenberg Theatres has remained family-owned and operated. Ron Krueger continues today as Co-CEO, cementing Wehrenberg's standing as the oldest family-owned and operated theatre circuit in the nation. With its long history of innovation and ongoing desire to deliver superior service to all guests, Wehrenberg Theatres continues to be a leader in motion picture exhibition and to provide "entertainment excellence."

Wehrenberg Theatres:

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