Allen Theaters
Allen Theatres, Inc. owns and operates a chain of movie theaters. The company has 94 screen theatres, was founded in 1912 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Cortez, CO
 Fiesta Twin Movie Theatre Fiesta Twin
Durango, CO
 Gaslight Twin Cinema Movie Theatre Gaslight Twin Cinema
Alamogordo, NM
 Aviator 10 Movie Theatre Aviator 10
Carlsbad, NM
 Cinema 3carlsbad Movie Theatre Cinema 3carlsbad
Clovis, NM
North Plains Cinema 7
Farmington, NM
Allen 8
Gallup, NM
 Aztec 5 Movie Theatre Aztec 5
Gallup, NM
 Red Rock 6 Movie Theatre Red Rock 6
Hobbs, NM
Eagle 7
Las Cruces, NM
 Cineport 10 Movie Theatre Cineport 10
Las Cruces, NM
 VIdeo 4 Movie Theatre VIdeo 4
Roswell, NM
 Galaxy 8 Movie Theatre Galaxy 8
Ruidoso, NM
 Sierra Cinema Movie Theatre Sierra Cinema
Allen Theatres

Allen Theatres:



Phone: (575) 524-7933


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Allen Theatres

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